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The Rambeck Family

My wife Jamie and I met in Bible college and courted via email while we both served as missionaries in different parts of Asia. After a year overseas we finally were married on May 25th, 2002 in Columbus, Ohio and in 2006 moved to the small town of Cedarville, Ohio. We now have two arrows in our quiver, Ethan James and Abigail Nicole. We plan on providing them with many brothers and sisters in the future.

We believe strongly in the importance of father's having a vision for their family. Our family vision has been greatly expanded and refined by a ministry called Vision Forum. We highly recommend many of their materials.

We also encourage Christians to constantly develop a more biblical worldview. To better think like a Christian, we highly recommend the radio ministry of Bob Enyart. Also, be sure to get a copy of of The Plot, Bob's outstanding overview of the Bible that will blow you away.

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