The Significant Impact Of Truancy On Graduation Rates

truancy and graduation

One of the most important aspects of being successful in school is attending every day. This ensures that the student has the opportunity to learn all of the material that is presented and keep up with the work that is assigned. Missing just a few days in a row can significantly hinder a student and leave them playing a game of catch up for days to come.

There have been a number of studies that now show that there is a direct link between truancy and low graduation rates in the United States. Students that miss 8 or more days within a semester are far less likely to do as well as the average student. In some cases, this can be due to medical reasons, but it has been found that this level of absenteeism is more likely for reasons that did not warrant missing class.

In response to the statistical data, many school districts are taking a hard line against truancy. Students that have been found to miss school without a valid excuse may face serious discipline within the school. Some school districts also work with the police to fine parents that are not succeeding in ensuring a strong attendance record of their children. In the most extreme cases, they have even involved social service organizations to monitor these families with the hope that additional resources may be able to curb the truancies and get the family back on track.

Every school district wishes to have a high graduation rate. When students graduate from high school they are far better positioned in life. Even the most menial jobs often require the employee to possess a high school diploma. Having strong data in hand that proves that there is a serious relationship when it comes to the impact of truancy on graduation rates gives schools the knowledge they need to improve their records.

It is absolutely essential for students to attend school on a daily basis. Even taking time for a vacation during set school days can have a serious negative impact on the student’s grades and success. All that can be done should be done to help the student to maintain a positive attendance record so that they have the opportunity to learn all of the material that is covered in class each day and keep up on their work so that they meet the graduation requirements in the end.

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