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Deciding If Home-Schooling Is For You

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Should You Homeschool Your Child?


If you’re a parent chances are you’ve heard of home-schooling. Home-schooling isn’t new on the scene, in fact, it’s been around for many generations.

The question you have to ask is whether or not home-schooling is for you. Here are a few things to consider in answering this question.

Can You Deal With Being With Your Kids 24 Hours Per Day?


If you love spending time with your kids and believe that kids begin learning the moment they’re born, you may be good at home-schooling. If on the other hand, you need a break from your kids, this may not be the right option for you.

Some parents find that working different shifts and home-schooling is a great way for each of them to spend time with the kids and home-school. There are as many ways to home-school as there are people in this world.


Do You Enjoy Creating Fun Things To Do For Learning?


If the answer to this question is “Yes” then you may do well at home-schooling. It can be great fun to come up with ways to teach your children in learning and understanding concepts.

You may find that your children enjoy learning in this fashion and that thinking outside of the box is a great way for your kids to learn. Some children are more hands on than others and some tend to be better at learning by rote.


How Do You Plan To Socialize Your Children?


Will you get together with other home-schoolers for activities throughout the week?  Will you work with a home-schooling group?

Children do need some socialization so be sure that you’re factoring this into your routine. Even if you’re just taking your kids out to the park for an afternoon you’ll be helping them to socialize.


Where Will You Find Curriculum?


Will you work through a local home-schooling group for curriculum? Will you answer to a school district? If so, you’ll likely have all the required curriculum at your fingertips.

There are other ways to get excellent curriculum as well. You can find online curricula or you can create your own if you’re good at it. If your child has a particular field of study that they’re interested in, you can also contact business owners/service providers in that industry for resources. For example, say your child is interested in becoming a pediatric doctor. You could do a search of pediatricians to ask for materials to work into your curriculum, i.e. http://www.pediatricsmetrowest.com, or http://www.calkidspeds.com/, or ttps://texaschildrenspediatrics.org/.

Remember that no two children learn in the same fashion. This is an ideal reason to home-school even if you do have children of different ages.

Home-schooling allows a freedom of learning in new and innovative ways. You can also incorporate errands into field trips.

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